Apple has patented technology to manufacture glass TV

Interesting Apple filed a patent in the European Patent Office this week. The paper describes a new method for a company of glass, which is characteristic for the television industry. As one of the inventors of technology corporation designated lead designer Jonathan Ive.

New Apple patent shows a method of combining several glass panels to create different types and shapes of glasses with new properties. According to the specification, such a glass can be used in the manufacture players, tablets and displays. As one of the possible applications of technology in the document marked as TV panel. Recall that such a product is not in stock at the manufacturer iPhone and iPad, though the rumors about him going for several years.

“The new Apple invention relates to the production of gadgets, which case is made entirely of glass. Glass may be used for coating the internal components of the display and the electronic device.

Glass body structure may include several layers of alloyed special way. The boundary surface of the glass can be further expanded. Corner rounding of individual items is achieved by machining “- writes PatentlyApple, referring to the text of the patent.

Interesting is the fact that the document mentions the possibility of an American corporation television production based on this technology. Experts have long predicted that Apple is developing its own TV set, but officially this information is not confirmed yet. However, over time, more and more analysts are inclined to think that such a device is really preparing now.

Last fall, rise to a new wave of rumors that the Cupertino are developing a TV set, has served as the official biography of Steve Jobs. The author, Walter Isaacson spoke about the desire of the founder of Apple to release a device that will change the TV just as the iPod changed the recording industry.

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