Nokia parody advertisement iPhone 5

It seems that “troll» Apple in advertising love not only Samsung and Microsoft, but Nokia. After rising from his knees, the Finnish giant has recently released a new promotional video of its Lumia 925 smartphone. And everything is good, but only as a basis for the popular movie Nokia took the iPhone 5 “Photo every day” .

But if Apple made a video in his emphasis on the fact that every day with your iPhone making more shots than any other camera of its competitor drew the audience’s attention on the quality of the photos.

Every day on the Lumia shoot more and better pictures than on any other phone.

That is, in fact, the movie itself. It should be noted, many of the scenes Nokia blatantly borrowed from the video Apple.

For clarity – the same video:

Advertise Lumia accompanied by comparing the images on the Lumia 925 and the iPhone 5 in the afternoon and night. If we believe the Nokia, the quality of photos taken with her smartphone, is much higher than the iPhone.

It’s no secret that the Finnish giant has decided to make a major bet on their camera phones – not so long ago Nokia introduced Lumia 1020 with a 41-megapixel camera. The smartphone is actually making great shots, but for this purpose it is better to use professional photographic equipment. And for Instagram photos will go well with the iPhone, because Windows Phone official customer service is not. How can the owners Lumia share their breakfast with the others?

Recently, such a “counter-advertising” has become very popular among technology companies. Samsung often uses her help in advertising their smartphone lineup Galaxy, and Microsoft uses this technique to promote tablets Surface. However, while it is not helping .

I do not see anything criminal act of Nokia – the company recently emerged from the crisis and is now doing everything in order to regain their former positions. But is “anti-advertising” is so effective routine? We will soon see.

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