Apple does not exclude the possible shortage of iPad mini with Retina display

Tim Cook during a telephone press conference following the submission of quarterly reports Corp. on Monday, dubbed the IV quarter of 2013, “aypednym Merry Christmas.” However, he did not rule out that in the first weekend sales of the new tablet iPad Air, etc start on November 1, the gadget does not get to everyone.

Speaking to analysts, Tim Cook admitted that the company is not confident in its ability to prevent deficiency new iPad mini with Retina display in the current quarter. The magnitude of the demand can only be judged after the start of sales, which is still scheduled for an indefinite period of November. In the aggregate, in the IV quarter to be sold more iPad different models than the previous – that said the head of Apple.

Last week, industry experts said that the intentions of the U.S. giant to begin selling Retina iPad mini in vague terms “before the end of November,” eloquently point out the problem of shortage of components, namely – those screens with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The lack of new iPad mini will be able only to the first quarter of 2014 , analysts said. Sales of full-size model – iPad Air – will begin this week – Nov. 1.

The deficit iPhone 5s in Cupertino also no secret – until Apple can not immediately serve all existing orders, but the situation is improving. For this reason, the geographic expansion of sales of the new smartphone goes on, and by the end of the year new product will be sold in the markets of 100 countries. Along the way, Cook noted that the share in the segment of iPad devices for educational institutions is 94%. The so-called “Chromebooks” Apple representatives could meet here and there, but the bulk of educational institutions acquires PC, Mac or iPad.

According to Cook, Apple has $ 146.8 billion of available funds, 76% of which are located abroad. Speaking of the share buyback program, he informed that for this purpose the company has spent $ 23 billion.

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