Gameloft has postponed release of Modern Combat 5 next year

Fans of the popular first-person shooter Modern Combat will be disappointed by the news that the studio Gameloft has decided to postpone the release of a new project Modern Combat 5. The debut of the game will take place no earlier than 2014.

Earlier newest shooter Gameloft has demonstrated the public – at the E3 2013 trailer was presented gameplay. In the fifth part of the studio promises “stunning graphics console level, accurate game physics and believable mechanics of moving objects.” Modern Combat 4, as we know, the company is positioning as the best three-dimensional shooter game for smartphones and tablets.

Modern Combat 4 was released in December last year. The game was a direct continuation of Combat 3: Fallen Nation, in which gamers need to save the U.S. president. In the course of the narrative gamers the opportunity to see things through the eyes of a terrorist, and Edward Page. Zero Hour provides a total immersion in the atmosphere of the game, thanks to the bright graphics, believable animations and a new system of tactical movement. The latter allows you to use all the skills in battle character.

The trailer for Modern Combat 5 for iPhone and iPad:

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