Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review – The notebook which is able to keep a secret

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

The portfolio of Dell UK Vostro 5470 review can find a variety of laptop models – more expensive and cheaper, thinner and thicker, more beautiful and standard, but there are some universal machine, which for relatively little money offer just a little bit: the design, and stuffing. Around this is a Dell UK Vostro 5470 review, whose sales in Russia started in early 2014, especially since the manufacturer is positioning it as a casual option with a functional business hotel.

Design – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

The notebook, in principle, does not cause any enthusiastic emotions – sort of a gray-office device in black, small, and lightweight, in general, everyday. However, the cover is made of aluminum with traces of machining, which gives it a dose of self-confidence and improves reliability rating. Exactly in the center of the mirror is logo just above it – three tiny holes external microphone. Color, according to the classification of Dell, called “flake graphite” (Graphite Silver), also commercially available modification of the device with a fiery red cap (Fire Red).

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

The bottom is made of durable rough plastic. It has a standard vent, rubber feet for support and some information about the device. In addition, there are four bars, two of which are decorative and two speakers and a small subwoofer – a pleasant and very unexpected finding.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

By the way, the dimensions of the laptop are 338x234x18 mm, and the body itself a little pointed, therefore forms an image of a very elegant and at the same time, business favors. Laptop Dell UK Vostro 5470 review weighs 1.53 kg, which is quite a bit, if you take the Dell UK Vostro 5470 review in the trip.

Display, audio, web camera – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

For the Dell UK Vostro 5470 review screen was used 14-inch TN-matrix with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. There does not exist a touchscreen, although commercially available such modification laptop. Viewing angles are not different latitude that is logical and in accordance with the capacity of the matrix. Also, the level of maximum illumination is too small – it does not exceed 150 cd / m 2, and is not very convenient in the glossy coating which actively glare in bright light. If we add to this a mediocre color reproduction, it is safe to say that the screen is the weak link of the laptop.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review audio system represented by a pair of speakers, 1.5 W each, and built-in subwoofer output of 2 watts. Supported Technologies Wave MaxxAudio 4.0. If you just want a minimum and average volume, so deficiencies in the work of this duo you will not notice, but if you turn up the volume above the average level, the sound is barely legible, and because of this irritating.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

1 megapixel webcam is located on its traditional place – the top of the screen bezel. It works very well, translating the image clearly. A nice bonus is the external microphone, the points of which are located on the lid of the Dell UK Vostro 5470 review.

Keyboard and Touchpad – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Island keyboard in this laptop Dell UK Vostro 5470 review is very compact, is located in a small depression of plastic. Keys are also plastic, the distance between them is small, quite likely accidental pressing. In addition, in the nests of the buttons present backlash that forces adapt to this style of work with a keyboard.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Key black, with white and blue markings. The latter is provided by a series of functions and buttons of the switch unit, as well as on the [Fn]. Backlit keyboard is not provided, but there is a fingerprint scanner, which sends the model to the neighbors to other business laptop line. Sensor works very quickly, opening, or, conversely, blocking access to the data inside the laptop Dell UK Vostro 5470 review.

Outside the zone of the keyboard is the power button. It is located right on the [Delete]. On a number of [F1] – [F12] – three-point LED (switching, battery and hard drive activity).

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

This notebook uses a fairly large touchpad in which zone of mouse buttons separated by a vertical stripe. He is very sensitive and supports a variety of MultiTouch gestures, which is very convenient to manage.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Performance – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review (5470-3142) works with the operating system Linux. In this modification of the laptop Dell UK Vostro 5470 review is equipped with a low-voltage processor Intel Core i3-4010U, built on the top architectural generation Haswell. He does not support JavaScript Turbo Boost, so the clock speed is limited to index 1.7 GHz, but uses a multi-threaded Hyper-Threading to handle two processor cores four threads simultaneously. Power Core i3-4010U enough to address a wide variety of office and multimedia tasks – editing text, surf the web and stuff, especially since it supports new instructions AVX2 and has 3 MB cache in the third level. TDP of the processor is only 15 watts, so its presence in the slim Dell UK Vostro 5470 review is very appropriate.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

The graphics subsystem of the notebook includes two graphics cards – the built-in Intel HD Graphics 4400 and discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M. The first is a low-voltage version similar to the processor works with 20 actuators at a frequency of 1000 MHz. Due to architectural improvements GT2 version and increased the number of functional units, HD Graphics 4400 is more powerful than the HD 4000 (Ivy Bridge). By the way, it is very nice to handle video, because it has a 4K decoder and encoder Quick Sync.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M – this is the average level of graphics capability, capacity, which is enough to play some games even at high settings. For example, with 160 fps at a resolution of 1366×768 at high settings will FIFA 14 (2013), Total War: Rome II (2013) under the same conditions shows 39 fps. Well, if you lower the settings to medium, then, for example, in Titanfall (2014) get about 37 frames per second. As regards the technical characteristics of a video card, it has 2GB of internal memory DDR3, uses 384 shader and works at speeds up to 810 MHz.

Under the RAM in the laptop there is only one slot in our equipment it is packed with 4 GB standard DDR3L-1600 MHz, the maximum possible amount is limited to 8 GB.

With regard to the volume of storage, we consider a complete set with 500 GB HDD with the speed of 5400 rev / min and the interface SATA II. In general, commercially available variations with hard drive 1 TB, 500 GB HDD symbiosis and a 32 GB SSD, as well as with the sole SSD-drive capacity of 128 GB.

Ports and Communications – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Marginalia on the left of the body are Kensington lock, power connector, 2 x USB 3.0 (one of them support JavaScript PowerShare) and card reader SD. All of them are concentrated on the end of the half nearer to the hinges, thus leaving empty its greater part.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Right there is the same – occupied only a part of the casing. Here are the HDMI, one USB 3.0, RJ-45 and a combined audio jack. What can I say, a set of connectors offers only the most necessary, which, in principle, should be enough for a comfortable office use.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

On the front side there is no indication as to the rear delivered three ventilation grilles.

Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

The list of available wireless communications presents Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0. Also there is support for technology WiDi.

Battery – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Battery in the laptop is rather full, he built and located under a common cover bottom. The volume of a 3-cell lithium-ion battery is 51.2 Wh, and its ability to complex with energy efficient filling enough for nearly six hours of video playback and a little more than nine hours to work with a text editor.

To charge the notebook using the AC adapter, the power of 65 watts.

Conclusion – Dell UK Vostro 5470 review

Configuration cost Dell UK Vostro 5470 review, discussed in this review, is about $ 500. For this price, it is possible to put up with poor quality screen, non-ideal acoustics or limited memory, the more so that the laptop has become the owner of a very successful ligament processor + discrete graphics, capacious battery and universal appearance 14-inch form factor. In addition, a nice bonus is the presence of a fingerprint scanner and the availability of a variety of complete sets on sale – for example, a touch screen, a powerful processor and plenty of RAM / disk subsystem. However, the battery in the other models remains the same, therefore, autonomy is not the same. As a result, Dell UK Vostro 5470 review, of course, far not perfect, but all the advantages, coupled with the low price make it a very good buy.

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