Live events will be Fallout 4 Boston

As the resource Kotaku , the continuation of the cult series of post-apocalyptic RPG – Fallout 4 is already in development, and the action game will unfold in Boston.

This is indicated by the selection of characters devoted to the draft entitled Institute. It is worth noting that in the script never mentions the word Fallout. However, it is possible to find many admirers phrases favorite series. According to Kotaku, the project Institute working people who had previously contributed to the game companies such as Bethesda Softworks Dishonored and Skyrim.

It should be noted that this is not the first rumors that the game Fallout 4 will unfold in Boston. Back in August 2012, the network appeared rumors that several employees Bethesda Softworks went to Boston.

The fact that the project was called Institute, can be explained by the fact that part of the environment in which the action of the game is a post-apocalyptic version of the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Of the several pages of the script, we can conclude that Fallout 4 is already in development and its announcement is imminent.

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