The application for the smartphone allows to diagnose eye problems

The application for the smartphone allows to diagnose eye problems

A team of specialists from the research center MSCR, Mexico, has developed an application for smartphones that photograph determines the state of the human eye. The application is able to make diagnose eye problems in just a few minutes. Among other diseases that are capable of detecting the application – diabetic macular edema.

Normally for the detection of such diseases requires prolonged technician time, and, for the most part, the disease is not detected to the point where long-term treatment is required.

What are the pros application diagnose eye problems?

To start the program you need to upload a photo of the human eye, and her application will give the diagnose eye problems. Naturally, the solution of the program is not yet final, the developers recommend mandatory to consult an ophthalmologist, engaging the program.

According to the creators, this software will help to improve the effectiveness of treatment in the outermost regions of a country where there are so many clinics and ophthalmologists good is never enough. Typically, to detect diseases of the eye requires expensive equipment. Here it is not necessary – only the phone and the program.

Source: medgadget

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