Review of Bluetooth-headset AKG Y45BT: First move

Review of Bluetooth-headset AKG Y45BT: First move

Review of Bluetooth-headset AKG Y45BT: First move

Who has never stepped on the headphone wire – put your hands up! We have long wanted to get rid of the tyranny of cables, but so far it is hardly possible – of course, if you are interested in quality zvuchaniya.No in the camp of supporters of wireless audio transmission has strong arguments and AKG Y45BT – one of them. Y-series headphones AKG has already made a serious impression on us, and the model Y50 was awarded “Product of the Year 2014”. Will their wireless counterparts are just as good?

Externally Y45BT not too spectacular, but their strict design looks great among screaming colorful models that have flooded the streets. However, conservative views hidden mass of technological finds.

Most of them are concentrated in the right cup. It placer buttons: play and pause, increase the volume and decrease, and the inclusion of a connection; NFC technology accelerates this process. There is also a microphone for calls and connector cable in case the power runs out.

To recharge the headphone is microUSB-port on the left cup, which can connect any device with a USB. The company promises eight o’clock Battery life, however, this period will depend on the intensity of use.

Home bait Y45BT – this, of course, Bluetooth. Connecting extremely stable and smooth, we did not record a single failure, the range is not satisfactory: we went to 30 meters away from the table, and the signal remained stable – if you listen to music from your tablet, lying in a backpack, you will not have any problems . Support Bluetooth aptX will enjoy the high quality sound. It deserves compliments, especially good bass: surprisingly generous, given the modest size of the body and 40mm speakers. Drum drum and bass in the song Muse Panic Station act very vigorously.

Dense and powerful sound does not seem overloaded; Y45BT inherent smooth tonal balance – to any of the subbands have no complaints. Straightforward middle combined with clear and high-quality top. We like a great integration and highly detailed sound. Textures votes tools sufficiently well developed; music scene – not the widest, but wonderfully organized.

Review of Bluetooth-headset AKG Y45BT: First move

However, not all so wonderful; sound sometimes lack refinement, it seems overly bright and not very suitable for long listening. In quiet moments, you can hear the whistle of a thin, which is not so rare in headphones with Bluetooth.

In fact Y45BT very good; they responsive buttons, connection is fast. Ear pads and headband rapping soft leatherette and foam with a memory effect is quite comfortable headphones firmly, but not too much cover my head.

After listening to the cup can be deployed in a single plane. The set includes a small carrying case, however, the headphones fit easily in a pocket. Workmanship is high; elastic plastic can withstand considerable loads.

AKG Y45BT not quite perfect, but more than good for its price category: they have lots of benefits – compactness, convenience, high quality workmanship and good sound. These headphones worth a closer look

Price: $ 100

Rating: 4

PROS: Powerful Boost for such dimensions; balance; many functions; compact

CONS: A bit brighter sound

VERDICT: It may not be the best pair of Bluetooth-headset, but they sound pretty good

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