New Case for iPhone will take care of your

New Case for iPhone will take care of your health

 New Case for iPhone will take care of your

Looks like we do not have you wait for the emergence of intelligent hours iWatch, to be able to monitor the health of using gadgets Apple. Recently the company introduced its new Azoi Case for iPhone called Wello, which is able to measure key indicators of human life like pulse, temperature, and even the level of oxygen in the blood.

Measurement is due to special medical sensors located right on the cover, reports 9to5Mac. In this Wello appearance does not differ from the usual protective cases for the iPhone and does not increase the weight of the smartphone five times.

Like many other devices of this kind, Wello connects to the iPhone via wireless technology Bluetooth, and displays all the information in a special supplement for iOS, like a bracelet Up from Jawbone. In addition to the above indicators, cover also provides data on respiration and blood pressure.

It is noteworthy that Wello does not support all models of smartphones Apple – only iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. For some reason, the creators decided to deprive attention gadget iPhone 5C , is not specified. Azoi representatives reported that in the future the case could also appear for smartphones with Android operating system on board.

Case officially go on sale for months at a price of $ 199 – not so much for such a useful accessory. Remain open only two questions: whether it is organized in the Russian service, and how to use Wello affect the level of battery charge iPhone.

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