Bulletproof laptop case can stop a bullet 44 caliber

Bulletproof laptop case can stop a bullet 44 caliber

Bulletproof laptop case can stop a bullet 44 caliber

You understand that you have turned out to be a bad day when realize that at the right moment at hand (or rather – in the hand) was not bulletproof laptop case. The situations are all sorts of time now hectic…

That is why, apparently, recently such a universal means for carrying a laptop pleased with one of the companies developing new products for the military-industrial complex of one of the western countries and for special services. Savior Multi-Threat Shield (abbreviated – MTS) takes place in a matter of seconds and turns into a shield that can stop a bullet 44 caliber.

Indeed, in recent times the power of money and the wealthy have become more and more to take care of his life, health, physical integrity at all so, so not surprising demand for this kind of news. Compared with an armored jacket and a cap, which we have already described on our website, this item of equipment may require the owner of some proficiency, as it should be directed towards the source of potential threats and uncover. But this is an excellent option equip his bodyguard, who will all this takeover.

Bulletproof laptop case can stop a bullet 44 caliber

MTS has been developed by Force Training Institute for the type of the flea bag for a laptop. But once something can be suspected, if you take it with your hands – it is about 8 pounds (or 3.6 kg) heavier than ordinary analog unarmoured.

In addition to its vital function of this bag comes with the task of transferring the same to reliable laptop, though the place is quite allowed to hide a gun there. Most importantly, what you need to remember is the ability to turn around, taking the form of a flexible shield height of 1 meter.

According to the assurances of developers, ballistic protection bags can withstand multiple shots from a pistol, shotgun and some vids automatic weapons with a caliber handgun, and may from shock batons, knives and other objects at the expense of the inserts Shock Pad and Kydex.

Source: Gizmag

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