FATS - bulletproof lifejacket

FATS – bulletproof lifejacket

Armor – a good way to survive in any shootout. However, such incidents do not happen only on land. What if the fire is on the boat? Or you need to jump into the pond while avoiding danger?

In these circumstances, the traditional protection does not help (for example, will drag on the bottom). Therefore, engineers BCB International developed a more effective solution.

The invention called FATS. This is a hybrid rescue and bulletproof vest standard IIIA-NIJ 0101.06.

The abbreviation stands as follows: – Flotation Armor Torso System.

The main features of bulletproof lifejacket

FATS - bulletproof lifejacket

The main advantage of the product – it works automatically. Self-inflates in contact with water, not allowing the owner of drowning. A useful talent when a person is injured. However, the FATS may be activated manually.

The vest is equipped with front and rear plates MOLLE (for optional equipment) allows to breathe freely and ensures excellent buoyancy – even with arms.

A real godsend for employees Coast Guard and Navy officials of various adventurers. The price of bulletproof lifejacket is from $ 1,550.

Source: gizmag

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