BlackBerry throws another 250 employees out

BlackBerry was once one of the largest companies in the mobile sector and has delivered great innovations on the market. Meanwhile, it is no secret that the company is doing relatively poorly. The units are selling only moderately and you just need some time until the new BlackBerry 10 operating system on the market penetrated. Why Blackberry has also in recent times the company is trying to make as profitable as possible and a great point to cost savings are to the employees. How BlackBerry now notifies you need in the test factory in Waterloo (Canada) dismissed 250 employees. Course as the basic desire is called for better efficiency. BlackBerry 5000 had been recently laid off employees in order to reduce the costs, and probably also the current 250 unfortunately not the last stay.

We hope that it creates BlackBerry to come out of the crisis and that they manage to remain active on the market in the long term. The fight against Google, Apple, Samsung and co. but no simpler.

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