Zynga loses half of active users – makes 15.8 million dollars loss


With the boom of Facebook and the games on Facebook and Zynga, the company experienced a large influx of users. How did a few months ago turned out unfortunately this is now no longer the case. Currently, the company has once again presented namely the quarterly results and have to record a fairly setback. Of the 72 million active users in the second quarter of 2012, only 39 million are currently active. In revenue and profits, it also looks not very good. Zynga made 230 million U.S. dollars in sales and a loss of 15.8 million U.S. dollars.

Now the company makes together with the new CEO plans on how to improve the situation, while in England they are currently testing the business with the “real” money. There they have been put on various casino games at the start. But this one does not extend to the USA, as a license must be purchased separately. Instead, you want to continue to put on free-to-play games. ‘m Curious where things are headed, a simple but this is certainly not.

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