Google Nexus 6 - the best Android-phone in 2014. Why?

Google Nexus 6 – the best Android-phone in 2014. Why?

Google Nexus 6 - the best Android-phone in 2014. Why?

Until the end of 2014 left little over a month, and it’s time to sum up its results. The current year has brought with it many new smartphones and tablets. Among the mobile devices of the season, there are some of which are difficult to choose the best Android-phone. On this issue, everyone can have an opinion. But the new Nexus 6 occupies a special place among those represented in the recently smartphones. Best it? Or only among the among best Android-phone or interesting phones?

Cowan K. Gittens on the resource Android Authoruty Nexus 6 considers the best Android-phone of the outgoing year and bases his opinion. But every one of our readers can call another smartphone, which he considers the best of the company’s offer this year.

Google Nexus 6 – the best Android-phone in 2014. Why?

Smartphones, among which we could choose the best of the best, a few. This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and OnePlus One, and, of course, Google Nexus 6, as well as its superior performance for some Motorola Droid Turbo.

First of all, Google Nexus 6 is notable for the fact that out of the box running the latest operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop, having a functionality that will be available to users of other devices only in the future.

Google Nexus 6 - the best Android-phone in 2014. Why?

Cowan K. Gittens considers himself a big fan of Samsung. Your Galaxy S3 is considered the best Android-phone and very disappointed when I learned that the company does not intend to update its flagship bestseller S3 I9300 to KitKat. From this situation, it was concluded that it is better to have a phone that does not depend on third-party companies, their software add-ons and downloaders.

The second advantage of Google Nexus 6 is its 13-megapixel camera, which made the pictures make a very good impression. Maybe there is a better camera, but the new flagship smartphone Google, it is good enough. At least for the camera phone. Yes, it is inferior to HTC, but the quality can be estimated on the fine, except for the fact that the impressive new take pictures in the dark does not know how.

A third advantage of Nexus 6 is the ability to fast-charge your smartphone and duration of work without recharging. Cowan K. Gittens nice pleased that he will be able to use the phone tightly for 6-8 hours, not its battery.

The only drawback of Nexus 6 it considers its price, although it notes that the phone is worth it, if we take into account its premium features.

In addition to the arguments Cowan, pages Android Authoruty can meet another important argument in favor of the flagship phone from Google. Nexus 6 is superior to other phones sound quality, which is achieved through on the front panel of speakers.

Which phone would you have called the best Android-phone in the past year? Do you agree with the view that this Nexus 6, or call other Android-smartphone favorite in 2014?

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