Audio-Technica manufactures headsets with active noise cancellation headphones Solid Bass

In August, the Japanese company Audio-Technica has released the Russian market two new headsets: ANC33iS with active noise cancellation system and CKS99i, which uses headphones Solid Bass. The first model is universal, and the second is adapted specifically for the technology Apple.

More details about each device.

ATH-ANC33iS – Universal Headset with in-ear headphones and active noise control system. Electronics unit, located in the remote control on the cord generates sound vibration response in opposition to the surround sound. Vibration acts as a blocker noise without affecting the sound of the headphones.

ATH-CKS99i is an updated version of the model CKS90i with an improved, more accurate bass response. The new headset was created specifically for Apple products and is intended for sale in the domestic market in Japan, but in August 2013 and is now available in Russian.

The model uses the headphone plug-Series Solid Bass, equipped with a dual-chamber system for generating oscillations to play deep, richly colored bass. Compatible Remote control is on the cord ATH-CKS99i.

Large diaphragm emitters provide excellent clear sound on a wide range of frequencies. CKS99i use the on-off ear pads, which gives the opportunity to better strengthen and headphones for greater sound insulation.

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