The first Tizen smartphone will be available in October


What happens to the Tizen now? Frankly, not too many things. Some time ago, various sources reported that the project is postponed or canceled altogether. In particular, DigiTimes said that for some reason Samsung has slowed the development of your OSes, and the release date of the first smartphone Tizen generally unknown. However, despite the rumors, this time the resource Tizen Indonesia argues that the release device running the new mobile operating system, Samsung could be held in October.

According to available information, new product expected to be available in at least five countries, with reports and a list of them: China, France, Japan, Russia and the United States. In addition to this, the source reported that the production of gadgets on Tizen will the company Huawei (at least for China). But now that this will be the device for which it will receive the specifications and how much it will cost, unfortunately, do not say anything at all. And, in general, is not entirely clear prospects of such a device: Unlike Firefox OS (which is aimed at the budget and extra-budgetary sector) and Ubuntu Phone OS (Canonical plans to set up on the basis of the smartphone OSes, and expandable desktop), I do not Tizen of specialization. Will buyers purchase communicators Tizen in the presence of a wide selection of Android-devices? Frankly, I doubt if Samsung does not make a smartphone price just too low, or will attract people other effective methods.

Perhaps, the device will be officially presented at the event, Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco. What do you think, is there any chance at Tizen smartphone on the market today?

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