Apple’s stock began to rise after the release of iOS 7

Shares of Apple have played the last days of the fall after the final version of the mobile platform iOS 7 and on the eve of the start of sales of smartphones iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C. As the data exchange Nasdaq, Thursday, shares of American consumer electronics giant rose by 1.64% – to $ 472.3 per share. Also they are grown in medium.

IPhone and iPad users were able to install a new operating system on your gadgets September 18. 7 to upgrade to iOS 4 iPhone owners can and above, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and iPod Touch 5G. The most obvious difference of “Seven” from previous versions is the design – Apple has made it more minimalistic and icons become “flat.”

The gradual growth of Apple shares on the Nasdaq recorded for the second day in a row, said Digit . September 9 – the day before the premiere iPhone – the company’s securities to close at $ 506.17, but in the days following the presentation fell down to the minimum level of $ 447.22.

Typically, announcements of new products have a significant impact on the stock Apple. Last year, on the day of the launch of iPhone 5 shares of the company rose to the historic record of $ 705.07, to update that since they could not. On the day of the start of sales iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c update indicator is unlikely – the last year before the record, Apple’s stock more than one and a half months of steady trading above $ 600.

Apple capitalization as of the close of trading on Thursday, an estimated $ 429 billion Despite the decline in the share price, Apple retains the title of most valuable company in the world, ahead of the nearest competitor – the oil company Exxon Mobil – roughly $ 36 billion

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