Archos PC Stick - a tiny PC for 99-dollar

Archos PC Stick – a tiny PC for 99-dollar

Almost every self-respecting company has released a computer that literally fits in your pocket. Developers Archos decided to keep from colleagues. And preview your own gadget.

Miniature novelty called Archos PC Stick and costs less than many competitors devices. Namely – $ 99.

Functions of Archos PC Stick

In this case the machine good performance. Plus Windows 10 as OS.

Archos PC Stick - a tiny PC for 99-dollar

All standard functions for these systems properly. Simply connect the product to any monitor or TV with built-in HDMI. For the keyboard and mouse as a full-size USB and Bluetooth.

The “Heart” device – chip Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail with 4 cores. Once on board has 2 GB of RAM, a slot for microSD, SSD of 32 GB and adapter Wi-Fi.

Video Accelerator built – Intel HD Graphics.

Not the most useless thing, especially for those who travel frequently. On the release date is not accurate information. Probably closer to the sales start of autumn.

Source: liliputing

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