Specialists iFixit disassembled into parts iPhone 5s


One has only to some interesting electronic device to hit the market, as iFixit immediately seeking to dismantle it. Do not spared this fate party iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which went on sale this morning. First, iFixit gutted the 5S model, and then took the plastic modification.

The first thing to note is to increase the capacity of the battery. If the iPhone 5, the figure was 1440 mAh, now it increased to 1510 mAh. Second, what to pay attention to experts iFixit – is seriously complicated the process of dismantling the plastic device. For fastening components in large quantities applied adhesive, which is extremely complicated or even make it impossible replacements smartphone.

A visual representation of the process of dismantling iPhone 5c gives the video:

On the main PCB iPhone 5c are SoC Apple A6 APL0598, LTE Qualcomm MDM9615M modem and transceiver LTE / HSPA + / CDMA2K/TDSCDMA/EDGE/GPS Qualcomm WTR1605L.

Reverse side of the board is occupied by a flash memory Toshiba THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16 GB, controller power radio-frequency circuits Qualcomm PM8018, touch input controller Broadcom BCM5976 and other chips. 


iFixit noted a few things that differentiate iPhone 5c of iPhone 5s. First, a polycarbonate shell is somewhat heavier than aluminum: 43.8 g and 25.9 g Second, the flagship smartphone aperture f/2.2, the younger brother – f/2.4. The battery is slightly thicker iPhone 5s (capacity – 1560 mAh).

In general, as always, the case iPhone 5c assembled as befits a device of this class. Maintainability of the machine is estimated at six out of ten.

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