Apple’s activation server experienced a failure

Last night, our readers are told that experienced problems with the activation of iPhone due to the fact that Apple’s servers did not respond. It turned out that the problem was of a global nature and touched some people in other countries.

If you try to activate the iPhone after purchase or restore from a backup users faced with a message about the impossibility of the procedure due to the loss of communication with the server. This led to the fact that smartphone owners simply could not begin to use it for a few hours.

It is reported that the problems on Apple’s servers have approximately at 22:15 Moscow time. Some users report that three hours later, they still managed to activate their smartphones. However, other gadget owners complained that they could not carry out this procedure for six hours.

In addition, a similar problem some owners have complained about the iPad and iPod touch, but it was such a tiny minority. At the moment the server is activated already restored. The fact was this incident has something to do with the burglary site developers Apple, no information.

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