Apple is building a 20-megawatt solar power plant in Nevada

Apple, which just a few years ago terrorized Green Peace for low environmental indicators, are increasingly switching to renewable “green” energy sources.

In addition to the two solar power plants whose construction has already begun in North Carolina, Apple wants to build a similar complex in Nevada.

Power new structure must also be 20 megawatts, but unlike stations in North Carolina plantation of new uses not only the photocells, but also special mirrors that focus the solar energy to the collecting elements.

With this new technology, the light output incident on the panel can be increased up to 7 times. At the same time, has characteristics of the pre-plant can be said that it is 7 times more efficient plants in North Carolina, as the area of ​​the two constructions are very similar to each other.

The area of ​​the new station is 137 acres (about 55 hectares) and that portion of the energy will be used to provide data center Apple in Reno.

The excess will also be sent to the local power grid for local consumption. The development and construction of the station engaged the firm SunPower.

Prior to the completion of construction Apple is likely to use other alternative source of energy for its new data center – geothermal, widely available in the state of Nevada.

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