Square will start selling hardware system of mobile payments for the Apple iPad at Stores

The company Square, which owns one of the largest mobile payment services, will expand its business through retail and online stores Apple.


In particular, on July 9 this year, will go on sale payment systems hardware Square Stand , using as a terminal iPad. At the moment they are designed to work with iPad 2 and iPad 3Gen. Model with built-in support for Lightning and the fourth-generation iPad will come later this year, but the exact release date has not been announced.

Square Stand is a hardware and software system that allows you to easily organize trade with non-cash payments. For transactions using payment service Square, which takes per transaction 2.75% of the transaction value when working with the cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

This percentage is often lower than standard bank. A special application for the iPad can be flexibly configured, allows you to create catalog with photos and prices, on-the-fly change almost all of its aspects and to create separate user accounts for employees.

Add that Apple is not the first year of working with Square, selling branded reader cards. Square Stand initiative aimed at promoting non-cash payments in small business and retail. At the moment 13 companies are actively shopping experience system in the U.S., but its introduction outside the U.S. as long as no information.

However, a good example might be contagious and provoke counterparts in Europe and other regions.

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