ITunes Store and iBooks: legal “strawberry” and Double Standards

According to the rules , “Legal Defense Fund Comic” , Apple recently banned the placement of several editions of the series Comics’ Sex Criminals # 2 in Appendix Comixology . “After a thorough evaluation, based on undelivered and hidden descriptions that do not conform to the rules, Apple has decided to prohibit the publication of a series« Comics’ Sex Criminals # 2 “in the appendix for iOS Comixology».

I do not read comics, moreover, now rejected by the censors iTunes series of issues available again for some reason. Is another question. If a good search, you can find much more candid edition. Moreover, download preview it is not difficult – there is no warning, no restrictions on age, marks «Explicit» and other things that might draw attention to the objectionable content filter like from the children.

Do not you find it interesting that Apple seems to exclude unwanted content from the store iTunes, but if you look through the “Box” or store iBooks on any iOS-device, in the category of Men’s Interest («For Men”) is quite a easy to stumble upon magazine with the title «Balloons»? And it is not about speech balloons or people who are fond of aeronautics … Or even this: improper placement rules is simply replaced with the name of the characters – all right, censorship is passed!

In editions of this content is nothing wrong – it’s a whole industry, like many similar things, or even necessary, but not all. The fact that Apple has double standards regarding the placement of books with the theme of “adult”. Rejected issue comic book where as harmless. And most of the books in the “Erotica”, which I was able to see, it is not have no age ratings, they do not have foreseen the possibility of parental control.

Children of any age can easily download sample or buy the latest issue of “air ball.” Rejected issue comic book where as harmless. It seems that on this stretch of road Apple has decided to sleep at the wheel.

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