Chromecast will sell outside the U.S.

Every day we consume a huge amount of media content of various kinds – from funny pictures to hours of movies. Everyone there is your favorite TV series, and even more than one, all have subscriptions to YouTube (hope that at least signed every one of you). And all this is to absorb us, of course, help our Android-mates, be it a smartphone or tablet. But their diagonal still not comparable with the diagonal of the TV, which is obviously a movie look nicer. Comes to the rescue Chromecast – a small console in the form of stick to your TV, which broadcasts the image on the screen of the mobile device to the TV.

This useful device costs U.S. residents $ 35 if purchased in Google Play , but in other markets the device is still not available. In the past month, the British retailer Currys argued that Chromecast sale in the UK will begin March 1. Although Google later said that the firm plans on this account she had.

Nevertheless Sundar Pichai said that Chromecast over the next few weeks in the fall, “many more countries”. Although the specific country has not been mentioned, recent rumors suggest that the device will be available, at least in the United Kingdom and Australia. But it seems to us, it fails to meet the “many big countries”, so for those who still want to get their hands on the device in markets outside the United States, the wait may be coming to an end. 

That tell you interesting Chromecast provided pricing, close to the U.S.?

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