Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

The latest iteration of the Android Lollipop operating system is the result of painstaking work by many people. It is for this reason that there is a possibility of having some bugs in it, which by virtue of slightly degrade the experience of new items. However, there is a downside. We are talking about unexpected innovations and hidden features that are not told in the presentations. You can find them only after a closer acquaintance with the update. Those in Android Lollipop there were many, and some of them we are now acquainted.

Easter eggs – Android Lollipop

The ability to use third-party skins and a variety of widgets – is not the only characteristic of our favorite operating system. In addition, in the system settings is traditionally hidden menu, get a pretty strange name.

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

In the case of Android Lollipop role of the so-called “Easter eggs” performs a game reminiscent of Flappy Bird. Naturally, in case the main character is represented by a green robot. Most likely, this is due to the complexity of its management.

Rapid transit – Android Lollipop

It is obvious that not every user will get acquainted with the fifth version of Android on your old device. Perhaps this was prevented by far not the largest list of ready-to-update devices or affect the banal desire to get a new gadget.

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Whatever it was, the problems with the transition will not occur. Help in this application promises Tap & Go, which will copy the necessary files from the previous smartphone. Provided that if the latter is running Android 4.1 and above.

Search for the lazy – Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

The search box has become much more functional. According to our colleagues from phonearena, now it can be used to find the desired menu in the settings. A great option to save time for those who know that looking for.

Rapid access – Android Lollipop

Hidden features of Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop has got a modified window, retractable top. Now there is no additional cover for “Toggle” – switches Bluetooth, Auto Rotate, and other useful things. Access them by using the re-swipe or swipe with two fingers simultaneously.

A useful tool – Android Lollipop

By the way, there is now and a flashlight. Extremely useful innovation for those returning home on unlit streets or permanently drops something for cabinet, for example.

Have you managed to find something interesting in the new version of Android Lollipop? Share answers in the comments.

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