In Android 4.4 will support 64- bit processors

New rumors suggest that Android will support 64- bit processors have a version of Android 4.4 KitKat. At the very least , such a conclusion can be made after the presentation of Intel.

Picture above was made at the launch , which was held under the Intel Developer Forum , and on which the company described its plans for the future, a little bit about the plans for the Windows and Android.

As seen in the image , support for 64- bit processors is referred to as the coming “improvement” for devices on Android, which will set out the chips from Intel.

Intel has not officially confirmed that support for 64- bit processors will be in KitKat, but it would make sense , especially given such an interest in increasing the power of mobile technology .

Apple has shown the first smartphone with a 64- bit processor – iPhone 5S with the processor Apple A7 – but it is unlikely the company will remain the only one that put on the market a similar device.

By the way , Intel Bay Trail chips are certified as “Intel 64” , which means a willingness to support 64 bit.

Samsung has also confirmed that the next smartphone will be a 64- bit processor . ARM also announced that the 64 -bit processors from the company will be very soon.

However, the abundance of joy too for 64-bit processors are not worth it, because no one has officially announced their support. We can get all the details at the conference Google, which is rumored to be held on October 14.

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