Adata HD720 - reliable external HDD

Adata HD720 – reliable external HDD

Are you looking for a reliable external HDD? Company Adata invented one such. We are talking about just the presented model HD720.

This is a secure solution for a rather “tough” conditions. The device is not afraid of falling from a height of 1.8 m. In addition, he is not afraid of water and dust.

Feature of reliable external HDD

The foregoing guarantee support for standards MIL-STD-810G 516.6 and IP68.

Adata HD720 - reliable external HDD

In addition, responsible for the security of the special coating. It consists of three layers: the outer rubber shell, durable plastic casing and the internal seals.

The device weighs of reliable external HDD from 211 to 223 g (depending on configuration). A useful bonus comfortable fit for the cable.

Adata HD720 - reliable external HDD

Another “talent” – the technology G-Shock Sensor Protection. The drive detects excessive vibration, then terminates the recording operation and reading (100% for data retention).

An indicator lets you know which mode is now functioning HD720.

Dimensions gadget of reliable external HDD – 129.4 x 97.9 x 20.2 mm. You can buy 3 modified – 2TB, 1TB and 500GB. As the interface is USB 3.0.

Source: adata

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