Skysphere - Personal tower lounge

Skysphere – Personal tower lounge

Owning your own house on the tree – a great idea. However, more suitable for children. What romantics like adults?

The answer is obvious – a high-tech personal tower lounge. With remote control and solar panels on the roof. Without them, no way.

Feature of personal tower lounge

Skysphere - Personal tower lounge

This piece, by the way, created engineer, John Williams. His mini house called Skysphere.

The main feature of the design personal tower – the huge windows without interfering enjoy the view. And it has something to admire. The township project author chose an extremely picturesque. Construction built a suburb of New Zealand.

For access to the residential unit is a special staircase. To get inside can not everyone – the front door is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Security level.

Energy Skysphere received due to several solar panels and batteries. The system guarantees up to 2 days autonomous existence.

Enough electricity to run a multimedia center, wireless audio, multi-colored LED lighting and other things (such as a refrigerator with soft drinks).

Skysphere - Personal tower lounge

Even in the presence of a double bed and a high-speed Internet access.

Manipulate listed farm allows any phone based on Android. It supports voice commands.

Sounds great. Although there are disadvantages, too – no shower or toilet.

The project of personal tower cost enthusiast of 50 thousand dollars. Its implementation Jono spent 3 years. However, it was worth it.

Source: gizmag

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