Action game new forces, NVIDIA SHIELD will begin shipping on July 31

NVIDIA announced that the company’s mobile gaming platform SHIELD will begin shipping on July 1. NVIDIA originally scheduled to begin on June 27, prior to shipment preorder Shield, but was postponed due to mechanical problems found.

According to NVIDIA in the 22nd issue in his blog article view, NVIDIA has been found before the repair mechanical problems, will be July 31 start sending pre-order the Shield. Users can go to the United States and Canada and throughout the trial experience center SHIELD systematic actions that run Android game makers.

NVIDIA SHIELD suggested retail price of $ 299, and with NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, support micro SD memory card, HDMI output and USB interface, while offering 1280 × 720 resolution 5-inch display, and has two analog sticks, a group of arrow keys and multiple satellites button.

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