Angry Birds Go, a new game from the company Rovio released Dec. 11

The creators of the famous “evil birds” have announced a new project to millions of their favorite characters – Angry Birds Go (Angry Birds Go). The game should appear on mobile platforms December 11, 2013

Unlike previous projects with multi-colored birds, a fully three-dimensional game, and also in an unusual genre for Rovio – arcade racing.

Despite the fact that previous experiments with Rovio gameplay different from classic Angry Birds, such as Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies failed, the company continues to try new mechanics.

Angry Birds Go positioned as a Free-to-Play game. Judging by the roller, we are waiting for the race with hills in the style of Mario Kart with colorful graphics, fun bonuses and the opportunity to improve the car.

Interestingly, the game will be released on December 11, not only iOS and Android, but also on Windows Phone 8 and even BlackBerry 10.

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