3D-printer for printing?

3D-printer for printing?

3D-printer for printing?

Already, this question can be answered in one word – everything. But the human imagination has no boundaries. Therefore I propose to you a selection of the most unusual things that have been printed on a 3D-printer. Ready to be surprised?

A real man in your life is to do three things: raise a son, plant a tree and build a house. Now imagine such a dialogue:

Do you think it’s a question of the future, and not very fast? No, my friends, it is a reality. Chinese company has managed to build 10 houses in just a day. Details are printed on 3D-printer (they took four). Each house was 10 meters in width and 6.6 meters in height. Yes, the job is not easy, but the cost of such an architectural marvel just $ 5,000.

By the way, to decorate your new home, too, will be enough 3D-printer. Only need to stock up on the necessary raw materials. For example, these lamps in the form of animals were just “printed.” Can you imagine what a difficult job?

3D-printer for printing?

Walk so to walk. House of the 3D-printer itself did, so why not “print” and the car? It is thought so American engineer Jim Kor, and set to work. Over the past three years, he made two machine model Urbee in a futuristic design. I do not want you, of course, frustrating, but it can be the electric drive of 64 km, its main “power” – gasoline. With 38 liters of fuel, he is able to overcome up to 4000 km. The maximum speed – 112 km / h.

Theme with 3D-printers is very interesting, because imagine what you can do for yourself “print” a house or a car. But it is important in life is quite another. That’s right, I’m talking about food. You will not believe, but this task he could handle. Would you like pizza? No question. In 2013, Anjan contractor won the Grand 125 thousand. Dollars. He had to create a 3D-printer capable of making food for astronauts. Here it is – RepRap Mendel. Apparatus that prints food and woman can replace the kitchen.

Continuing the theme of food, I can not remember the Modern Meadow their goal – to print these pieces of meat from the protein material. You can prepare your own juicy steak (without meat in the refrigerator) in just a few clicks. Everyone’s dream, I think.

The next possibility of 3D-printers calls into question the safety of the world. Solid Concepts Company boasts of its ability to create real firearms by using the hero of our today’s article. The main thing that sketches the project is not leaked to the Internet.

Do not like to shop and choose her shoes? Buy 3D-printer, and “print” his sneakers at home. It is only necessary that materials be found somewhere. Sneakerbot from Recreus I, frankly, do not really like. But the designer collection of shoes Jeanne Kittani can appreciate the beautiful half of humanity. It looks very interesting.

Cocoa wise man said that our life is made up of different things. So 3D-printer allows you to create all these small details. Surfboards, jewelry, furniture, musical instruments, artificial limbs, and even different kinds of human organs (cartilage, for example), spare parts for different instruments and generally everything that your heart desires. The implementation of some crazy ideas can only prevent the lack of imagination.

Now a lot of people are of the opinion that the 3D-printer is waiting for failure, but in 1983 no one believed in the mass market personal computers, and in 1993 was the same story with the Internet.

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