Electric violin music printed the 3D-printer

Electric violin music printed the 3D-printer

Three-dimensional printing technology capable of much. Even the creation of musical instruments. Moreover, very difficult.

Feature of Electric violin music

Far beyond the examples do not have to walk. A vivid illustration of what has been said – electric violin music 3D-printer. If you believe the source of the network, it was made on the corresponding printer.

Electric violin music printed the 3D-printer

The form author of the “borrowed” from the Stradivarius. However, registration is not concerned – get a modern design, it is extremely extravagant.

What’s interesting: the development was to bypass the traditional scheme. The transparent body is a single piece.

The foregoing was made possible by laser stereolithography (or short – SLA).

As 3Dvarius sounds? It is not bad, professionally. It is enough to watch a video electric violin music.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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