Zuckerberg showed laser Internet 2015

The world of modern technology just around the corner and a few days ago Zuckerberg revealed an interesting presentation on laser Internet 2015. Let’s see what will happen laser Internet 2015 represents. The company Facebook plans to establish a network communication even in regions of the world where network infrastructure is poorly developed. At yesterday’s conference on his page in Facebook Zuckerberg talked not only about my research interests, but also about the company’s plans to build a laser system data. Today, the social network with an updated logo of its founder introduced the photo device.

The main features of laser Internet 2015

For clarity in the images the system, the creation of which was launched in spring division Connectivity Lab, presented with colored rays. The actual installation will be invisible rays. The objective of the lab, we note is the development of innovative technologies to connect to the Internet anywhere in the world.

It is assumed that the laser system will be installed on unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites that can operate autonomously for years, eating from solar panels. According to Zuckerberg, it will provide high-speed laser Internet 2015 connection to a billion people who live outside the wireless network.

Source: Facebook

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