What you should not do with your Android smartphone

What you should not do with your Android smartphone

Smartphone is a device without which modern people cannot live. We need smartphone every day, and it should work well. Today we want to tell you what you should not do with your smartphone, so it worked well.

Do not to give all permissions to all applications

What you should not do with your Android smartphone

There are applications that really need access to your contacts, geolocation, camera and other data and functions. But why flashlight need all these permissions? Make sure you do not give permission for access to applications if they are not needed. Otherwise there is a risk to share all that you have with the developers who will use this information to your detriment.

Do not use task management

Android works well with RAM, and it does not need additional applications. We talked about it many times. If you complete any task, they will run again, and in fact, you only spend the battery charge.

Do not install applications to save battery

Among the large number of applications it is quite difficult to find an application that brings more good than harm. Trust your smartphone. Its operating system created by talented Google engineers.

Facebook app is not necessary to use

If you want to save battery power, remove Facebook app. It is difficult to find more voracious application. You will be comfortable enough to use social network with browser.

Do not compare your Android smartphone with iPhone

What you should not do with your Android smartphone

If you have sold your iPhone, bought smartphone on Android, and expect that it will be the same or better? Android is too different from iOS, and compare two operating systems on the same criteria is very difficult.

Disconnect Chrome tabs and applications

We have not heard any positive reviews about this new Android features, and it is enabled by default.

Do not buy a smartphone with contract

Do you really need all of these services and applications from your service provider? Be prepared for problems with updates.

You do not need Root

You should not play with fire. Root-access is useful to those who truly understand what it is and what consequences might be.

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