Xiaomi to work on a Mini Android PC? Maybe …


It could be almost anything the image that was posted by Xiaomi and Hugo Barra on Google+ and the riddle is this: that device is hidden behind the image we see? The assumptions are the most varied but considering that you’ll almost certainly a product of Android smartphones and tablets, and that is difficult to talk about, imagine a mini PC or Set-Top-Box Android could not be so wrong. The aesthetic recalls the cylindrical Mac Pro and considering that Xiaomi is quite inspired by the Apple style, think of a mini computer Android is not entirely wrong.

The Xiaomi TV already exists and a router, one or more Bluetooth Speaker seems a bit ‘too’ simple ‘to think about. So it could be really a new Android device or just an accessory? To you the answers waiting for the official presentation.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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