Acer will expand the range of products and Chromebook devices with Android OS

According to the resource Wall Street Journal , Acer has plans to review its policy on the formation of the lineup of laptops.

The decision was made after the publication of the financial results by the end of the second quarter. The report was recorded getting an unexpected loss, which was the result of lower sales volume and rising costs. As a result, Acer intends in the future to produce smaller notebooks based operating systems Microsoft. At the same time, plans to expand the range of devices and products Chromebook running Google Android.

According to chairman of Acer Dzhey.Ti. Wang (JT Wang), according to preliminary estimates, by the end of this year, revenue from sales of devices Chromebook, smartphones and tablets will be about 10-12% of the total revenue. Already in 2014 this figure should increase to 30%.

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