Xiaomi Redmi 2S made even better

Xiaomi Redmi 2S made even better

Xiaomi Redmi 2S made even better

Accuse the Chinese of a lack of diligence Xiaomi impossible. The company creates and manufactures devices in a delightful pace.

Moreover. Developers from China is not just punched gadgets, and continually improve them. Even models that are difficult to be accused of imperfection.

A similar fate befell the smartphone Redmi 2S, presented recently .

Release “heir” Redmi 1S took less than a month ago. That does not prevent Xiaomi make some interesting adjustments.

If insiders believe, will soon go on sale updated device. According to the characteristics – according to “leak” from the certification TENAA – it attractive original.Xiaomi Redmi 2S made even better

What? The volume of the flash drive is increased up to 16 GB. Previously, storage space was less. The second key point – RAM capacity is raised to an impressive 2 GB.

Other specifications remain the same: the 4.7-inch screen with a resolution of 720p, 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 410 and 2 cameras (2 PM and 8 PM).

Released “Rethinking” Redmi 2S, obviously, in the coming weeks. The price is not reported.

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