PaperLike monitor electronic ink

PaperLike monitor electronic ink

PaperLike monitor electronic ink

At CES 2015 was presented quite a lot of interesting devices, but not all of them have received their share of attention. Monitor electronic ink PaperLike, presented by Dasung Tech, just one of these devices.

The monitor is equipped with a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels (and a density of 150 ppi). The device connects to your computer via USB and works as a second display. Taken as the basis of the monitor display with E Ink Fina glass cover.

Due to the small amount of energy consumed, the device requires no additional power supply – enough to power supplied to the bus USB. Interestingly, the manufacturer tried to get rid of the annoying artifacts associated with delays in updating the image on the “e-paper”, partly due to uvelicheniyachastoty updates for this image.

The monitor has several modes of operation in which the refresh rate can be increased by reducing the detail.

PaperLike sales in China have already started. The official website of the value of the monitor is specified in the range of 3999 to 5999 yuan, equivalent to the range of 645 – 970 dollars. Perhaps the first price – this is a temporary discount, designed to increase the interest of potential buyers for the start of sales of the product of interest.

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