Why Apple Watch does not make us more active

Why Apple Watch does not make us more active

Why Apple Watch does not make us more active

Harm to a sedentary lifestyle is so obvious that there is simply no point in listing all the problems that it brings to our health. Various studies show that the average person spends in a sitting position for 8 hours of waking time. And with age, this figure is increasing.

Most people around the age of 30 years do not spend more than 30 minutes a day of physical activity. Given that in order to maintain good tone, we need a minimum of 150 minutes a day. And it does not mean that we have to two hours to play sports. Even walk briskly can be equated to physical activity. Here we only walk less and less.

Meanwhile, modern manufacturers are ready to offer users a variety of tools designed to make us more active. The market is literally littered with fitness trackers, almost every day there are more and new wearable electronics. It would seem a paradise for active lifestyles. Here are just a number of the far too little.

In addition to wearable electronics are on the market and a lot of other equipment, which, according to its creators, is designed to make their owners more active. A typical example – a new type of video game consoles. But as a result of Wii users do not jump in front of screen, but just waved feebly game controllers. As for Microisoft Kinect, this project generally failed.

Moreover, with the development of electronics, it seems that often claimed features designed to make us more active – not that other, as an attempt to attract the attention of more users, increase sales. And sometimes there are just too well, incredible designs like all sorts of “smart” tables, standing frankly abnormal money.

Some researchers, who studied this problem, be sure that all of these fitness devices – a road to nowhere. They do not make us more active, do not push us to the sport. But those people who lead an active lifestyle, would do this without any electronics. For them, all these smart gadgets are not necessary means.

Why Apple Watch does not make us more active

It turns out that attempts to make us more active due to new technologies while failing. Moreover, with each new technology we all spend more time in a sitting position. To visit the new site, a new preview video on YouTube is always time. Which then are sorely lacking for a walk or simple exercises.

In fact, we just do not need all these “electronic toys” to be more active. Because it is – nothing more than tools. Which must be used in order to achieve results. The only trouble is that most people are well aware of this, but still can not find the strength to break the vicious circle formed and devote more time to their own health.

Scientists believe that the problem is in our way of life that just provokes us to immobility. After all, many people would be happy to move more. But are simply unable to do so. For example, because of the work for which they are forced to sit motionless 8:00 computer. And no Apple Watch a bunch of various fitness applications can not significantly change the situation. What wonderful they are.

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