Waterproof Wrist Android phone iMacwear Sparta M7

Waterproof Wrist Android phone iMacwear Sparta M7

Waterproof Wrist Android phone iMacwear Sparta M7

IMacwear brand began selling protected Chasofon Sparta M7. The model is a full wrist 3G smartphone and is equipped with a sealed enclosure. In this case, the functional products are not inferior to modern flagship counterparts from well-known manufacturers of portable electronics.

Level of integrity SmartWatch Phone complies with the international standard IP67. That is, it can not be removed from the hands during sports activities, rain, dust storms and taking a shower. Hardware features allow to perform all necessary operations related to cellular networks and daily activities, they say, “with his hands.”

Protected Chasofon works in the operating environment Android 4.4. His “engine” is a 2-core processor MTK6572 with clock frequency of 1 GHz. RAM has a half gigabytes (512 MB) of internal memory allocated to 4 GB. The possibility of expanding external Micro SD card is limited to 32 GB.

Waterproof Wrist Android phone iMacwear Sparta M7

In the wrist smartphone used 1.54-inch touchscreen IPS display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Supports 2-point input. Micro SIM slot accepts cards operating in GSM and WCDMA 2100 MHz. Wireless capabilities are presented Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM, Wi-Fi with 3G modem function.

Of the sensors is known about the presence of an accelerometer, compass, proximity sensor and gravity. Speakerphone is provided in microphone and speaker. Phone battery-hours is 600 mAh and can run up to 3 days of standby time or up to 0.25 days of talk time. Built-in camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor.

The dimensions of the main unit Chasofon do not exceed 11.4 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm. The maximum length of the strap is 19.8 cm. Product weight is at 118 grams, the price – $ 160.

Source: ChinaVasion

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