Smart mirror can be notified with Android Wear-devices

Smart mirror can be notified with Android Wear-devices

Smart mirror can be notified with Android Wear-devices

It’s great to be notified and search for things online, using your smartphone, but what to do when the phone is charging or somewhere out of reach? When are you in the bathroom, for example?

And in those moments, and you want to have a smart mirror. And each of us can afford to construct such, as did Nick Nofom.

The young man, who already has his own website, is studying computer science and software engineering at the University of Minnesota. Nofom created a prototype of a smart mirror that supports Android Wear and responds to voice commands, as well as his phone or smart clock running on Android Wear.

With the help of such a mirror, you can see when your smart watches charges. Mirror share weather information, communications and meetings. In a small video, posted on YouTube, he demonstrates the possibilities of his invention.

On his website, Nick tells in detail about why decided to create a similar piece of furniture. He wanted to make a device that frees people from repeatedly checking smartphone. In his work, he aims to make technology more informative. The main motto: “Get the information without being distracted.”

Developer lurid detail, how much will it cost each of the components of the smart mirrors. The total value of the invention is estimated at $ 500 creator. After the mirror is equipped with LED-display. This is not a cheap pleasure.

Source: DigitalTrends

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