Viber was seriously hacked

A couple of days ago, an instant messaging service that supports voice Viber has been hacked a hacker organizations. According to the Business Insider, took responsibility for the attack on the previously unknown group Syrian Electronic Army. Service developers claim that Viber user data is not in danger, but the experts on this subject have an opinion.

Hacking was quite unusual – attackers changed the description of the application in the store App Store. Within a few minutes on the page Viber instead of the usual text is other information: “We created this app to keep track of you. Please download it! “.

The safety of the modern messenger recently raised many times before. Conspiracy theorists believe that Viber, and WhatsApp almost daily correspondence sent to their users in a variety of secret organizations. With the advent of new data on the PRISM these rumors ceased to be something incomprehensible.

So not long ago, one of the founders of the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay has launched a campaign to raise funds to build the most secure instant messenger for iOS and Android . Developers have collected the required amount in just a couple of days. Do users really so concerned about the confidentiality of messages?

Audience Viber is now more than 200 million people daily service handles about three billion messages. Although most of our customers does not care who and what they are being watched, many of the themes are not transferable to third parties. The fact that no one is in the business correspondence such messengers – a serious error.

The creators of the service, in turn, blame their woes Apple. Here’s what they wrote immediately after the break-account:

We could not turn off the cracker on our part, since iTunes does not provide such an opportunity. Hopefully, Apple will solve this problem soon.

Probably Syrian hackers have chosen Viber is no accident. Representatives of various organizations of the country have been trying to convince others that the service is a potential threat, as has been the free transfer of personal information to outsiders. But they themselves are not shy to distribute e-mail addresses and passwords of employees Viber.


Personally, I really like Viber. For two months he replaces Skype for iPhone, which does not work even in the fourth beta version of iOS 7.

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