The Truth About Samsung quarterly report

The situation with the financial statements of Apple and Samsung is out of control. And all thanks to analysts Strategy Analytics, which did not bother to examine the evidence provided by both companies and mixed up all the figures, which eventually led to incorrect conclusions.

It all started with the fact that the Strategy Analytics reported a comparison of quarterly reports Samsung and Apple . Results of the comparison analysts agencies have become a regular mini-sensation: Samsung ahead of Apple’s sales and profitability of the mobile business. However, all is not as clear as it might seem at first glance. provided an interesting analysis of the flight that made analysts Strategy Analytics in its report. It is necessary to begin with, that agency specialists outright confused operating profit of both companies and the profits from the sales of individual devices, which already have enough to talk about the fallacy of these agencies.

To be a bit more precise, it is worth paying attention to one interesting detail. In the report, Samsung , reporting sales data and profit smartphones include them in the general data on the subdivision of IT and Mobile communications. All in all this unit accounts for about 5.65 billion U.S. dollars in operating profit. With a little thought, it is not difficult to guess that the performance of this unit is not limited to smartphones. The concept of Mobile communications includes both smartphones and ordinary phones and tablets, and the players, laptops and other devices that Samsung produces and sells in countless numbers. The main mistake of professionals Strategy Analytics was to compare the data on the results of the quarterly activities of a business unit with iPhone. But once we started talking true, it is probably wise to combine quarterly sales iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and only then compare them with the results of Samsung, namely the division IT and Mobile communications.

What follows is fundamentally incorrect definition of operating profit to Apple iPhone sales . According to data provided by Apple, for the quarter operating profit Apple made $ 9.2 billion, slightly more than 3.5 billion more performance units Samsung IT and Mobile communications, which produces similar products.

Analysts Strategy Analytics did not bother to properly examine the data on the operating and gross margins Apple, which eventually led to confusion and, what is more painful digits. Thinking about the final selling iPhone, worth bearing in mind that Samsung does not provide data on the volume of sales of their smartphones, tablets and other products. In addition, the company does not share data and operating margin on each individual product segments. As well as Apple, however the latest data provide information about in what volumes was realized that a product. However, despite this, analysts Strategy Analytics undertook to compare the operating profits made Apple and Samsung in the sales of the iPhone and mobile units, respectively.

The problem is that the agency’s analysts used are not the correct methods to compare the operating profits of Apple and Samsung, which ultimately resulted in an erroneous comparison of the performance of both companies. The result was that the whole world of information has mastered the report from Strategy Analytics is fundamentally correct information and simple user told that Samsung has surpassed Apple in all possible indicators, which, as you now know, is not the case.

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