Valve: virtual reality device will be available for two years

If you believe the company Valve, but rather the results of its numerous studies, virtual reality, described in the most popular science fiction novels, is about to come down from their pages and become an ordinary thing for most users.

On this and many other things during the conference Steam Developer Days told Valve engineer Michael Abrash. In order not to repeat all, is to provide the most interesting abstracts. So, according to Mr. Abrash available to most virtual reality devices to hit the market within the next two years. He admitted that at present there are still many problems that hinder the rapid commercialization of ongoing projects to develop virtual reality devices. He mentioned not high enough resolution («1080p has been achieved, but this is not enough”), the need to make virtual reality wireless devices, as well as the fact that a system for tracking the head position in space still not good enough. Moreover, the current prototypes require users to manually adjust, and it’s too hard.

“I’m sure many have heard about the glasses Oculus Rift DK1 and I guess most people think at this stage it’s just one of the interesting projects. At the moment it is quite deliberate decision, and we believe that many should be paid to Oculus Rift much more attention, so the device will have a dramatic effect much sooner than you think “- said Michael Abrash.

It is worth noting that the company Valve itself develops virtual reality device (image above). However, they do not focus on the competition with the company Oculus, which, according to Abrash, is an obvious candidate. Conversely, Valve derives from Oculus invaluable experience.

Finally it is worth mentioning that the best platform for the creation and development of prototype virtual reality devices Abrash said PC instead of game consoles.

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