Valve will hold its own presentation Sept. 23

September 23 at 21:00 Moscow, Valve will hold an event on which the show is something that can interest “users who want to use the service Steam in their living room.” Did you finally see the legendary console Steambox?

The company posted a teaser poster, which says that the universe will expand Steam. And very soon all users will be able to participate in the development of future solutions for those who want to use the service Steam right in your living room. It is not clear exactly what it is , but the image joystick indirectly alluding to the fact that we will see Steam Box.

Rumors of the console from Valve appeared last year, and during CES 2013 Valve head Gabe Newell has officially announced the existence of the project Steam Box. Journalists have welcomed the news of the appearance of a new player in the game console, as supported by Valve Steam instantly would provide yourself interesting products and a loyal audience. In addition, it is expected that the console will be able to download games directly through the internet and its work will not need physical media. Work -top box will be running Linux. No other details could not figure out, so have to wait for the presentation and hope to see there is something really interesting.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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