iOS 7.0.1 is available for owners of iPhone 5S and 5C

Recently started selling the new smartphone from Apple – iPhone 5S and 5C . As in previous years , almost all phones top model 5S flew like hot cakes – especially popular phones golden. On the other hand, demand for 5C is not so great – they are still available to order online and buy in Apple Store. Phones initially work on iOS 7 and newly minted owners noticed that almost immediately after the activation of the device , they were asked to update the operating system.

According to the source 9to5Mac, this update contains a large number of minor corrections to optimize the system , and fixes a bug in the interaction between the iTunes Store and Touch ID – fingerprint reader , which was stated as the main feature of the new iPhone. Given the fact that the Touch ID is directly responsible for the safety of the phone is not clear how in Cupertino have released a ” raw” firmware into mass use . In any case , the work on the bugs and being in the near future system update will come to all devices that support iOS 7.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether this update fixes a bug that gives anyone access to the photos , as well as the ability to send tweets and emails to the account holders. I recall that a few days ago, 36 -year-old Spaniard Jose Rodriguez found a “hole ” in the security system iOS and immediately shared the information with everyone . This method works both on the iPhone, and the iPad.

Why not exploit to JailBreak? By the way , do you think , does not violate a Touch ID security holders iPhone?

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