TV Apple: something has gone wrong?

Before you leave this world, Steve Jobs admitted to his biographer Walter Isaacson: “I think I figured out the secret of the TV”. This gave reason to believe that the basic idea of ​​a new Apple product is ready, and its implementation is only a matter of time.

“I would like to create an integrated television set that would be absolutely easy to use – Jobs said. – It will be easy to integrate with all of your devices and iCloud. And the interface it will be easier than you can imagine”.

These words caused quite a stir in the market. It was expected that Apple will be the kind of company that will enter the TV market, and deliver us from the antediluvian TV interface, which does not change over the past decade. Fans of frozen in anticipation, and competitors frantically began to develop its own products to begin the battle for the promising segment.

Two years later, the so-called iTV still exists only in the form of rumors and speculation, and it seems that there is no secret to anyone not able to solve. In fact, the whole bunch of information about the mysterious product means one thing: Apple has no clue about what to do in this direction. The New York Times says that the company is trying to grab it for one technology over another is to understand what is possible and what is impossible.

Apple is negotiating with distributors of premium content, such as Time Warner Cable, the possibility of broadcasting their channels via Apple TV. It is also trying to negotiate a cooperation with private networks, including ESPN, HBO and Sky News, about the possibility of adding their applications to Apple TV.

It was also reported that Apple is going to use Siri to control your TV. But recently there was information that Tim Cook has decided to acquire a company which is engaged in gesture control technology that has been used in the Microsoft Kinect. In addition, there were crazy rumors that Apple is developing a special ring to control the TV, the so-called iRing. From the outside it looks like madness, but it is unlikely sources of supply chain and analysts began to take these ideas from the ceiling.

To sum up the above, it appears that Apple is struggling to figure out how to do it with your television product. Against this background, the statement of Steve Jobs regarding television market is even more curious.

Could it so happen that he divined the secret, but the rest of the talk about this forgotten? Perhaps, the current management of the company has reviewed its opening and has decided that this concept does not make sense? It is also possible that content providers were unhappy with the idea and rejected it, and Tim Cook did not have the gift of persuasion to convince them, as at the time when Jobs was able to create a service iTunes Store . In any case, the “TV” Apple’s history so far more questions than answers. However, this does not give reason to doubt that one day this miracle we still see the TV.

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