To buy the iPhone, Chinese must run in 7 times longer American

United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) published a report reflecting the quality of life for residents of 72 major cities in 58 countries, which attracted the attention of the Chinese.

As reported by the Chinese edition of “Beijing Evening” in the UBS report, entitled “The prices and incomes,” says specifically that Beijing residents need to work 184 hours to earn a iPhone 4S with 16 GB of memory, while the people of New York for This should work just 27.5 hours, that is 6.7 times smaller. For this indicator, the capital of Russia occupies 44th place in the list – Muscovite is required to work 119 hours to afford the iPhone 4S.

The authors of the report presents a similar comparison with the burger. To buy it Beijingers have to work 34 minutes, and the New Yorker – 10 minutes. The shortest in the world on this indicator in Japan, Tokyo people have to work a total of 9 minutes.

The report also states that Beijingers in the year 1979 working hours (247 days 8 hours), Shanghainese – 1967 hours (246 days). Holiday by the residents of these two cities is only 9 days is only in Bangkok (Thailand) and Mexico City (Mexico).

At the same time, the longest working year in Europe, the inhabitants of Geneva (Switzerland) – 1893 hours (236 days) and leave for 20 days. The inhabitants of Paris, on average, work 1558 hours a year (195 days) and have a 30-day vacation.

Chinese bloggers have lamented the fact that the country’s high prices, low wages, and we have to work a lot. Some even say that being Chinese is very difficult.

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