Bob Mansfield retired from the leadership of Apple, will work on “special projects”

Bob Mansfield resigned as senior vice president of Apple’s hardware design. First, his name disappeared from the list of top managers on the official website of the company And then Apple has officially announced his retirement. However, as noted, Mansfield remains in the corporation and will work on “special projects”, reporting directly to Tim Cook.

In June last year, it was reported that Mansfield resigned and his duties will be fulfilled by Dan Riccio, Apple’s vice president for development of iPad. Tim Cook then treated with regret the decision of Mansfield. Three months later, it was announced that a top manager changed his mind and decided to stay with the company. Until July, he was working on new products in the team «Technologies».

“Bob is no longer included in the number of executive directors of Apple, but he is still with us and will work on special projects, reporting directly to Tim,” – said the representative of Apple publication AllThingsD.

Bob Mansfield was for many years the head of the hardware projects in Cupertino and was responsible for the release of MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. Observers believe that his new appointment is connected to the clock iWatch, the development of which is Apple.

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