[Tips & Tricks] Set up iOS-device for children

Many of our readers have children, or who already have their iOS-device, or they always used (typically played) iOS-devices of their parents. Of course, to your favorite iPhone or iPad, as well as honestly earned money did not happen, iOS-device to carefully prepare for the meeting with the children. Fortunately, about the already largely taken care of in Apple , so now we need to.

First, use the password. It is necessary, of course, just in case you do not want your child (and anyone else) do not use your iOS-device. Or that the child did not use an iPhone or iPad without your knowledge. What is best to use passwords, I certainly would not advise. Hopefully, that’s what you know.

Secondly, the inclusion of limitations. You can do it in “Settings” – “General” – “Limitations”. So you can restrict children’s access not only to a particular application, but also to some of the features, such as built-in purchases. The latter is very important, given the fact that today the purchase is built almost in every other application and game.

And the last tip. Use the “Guide-access”, which is especially useful when you want to leave the baby with your iOS-device alone. This feature is easy to lock the device to a specific application, from which you can not get out. Unless, of course, the child will not know the secret code. Enable can be in the “Settings” – “General” – “Universal Access” – “Guide-access”.

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